Tech Tuesday: Purdue Experts to Discuss Their Microelectronics Work

Tech Tuesday: Purdue Experts to Discuss Their Microelectronics Work

Two Purdue University experts will speak about their work in the area of microelectronics on Oct. 25 as part of the Tech Tuesday series presented by IN3 and the NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge. Their talk will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at IN3’s WestGate location in Odon, Indiana. The session can be attended either in person or virtually.

Peter Bermel, Purdue’s Elmore Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will provide an overview of the university’s current work in trusted and assured microelectronics. His talk will cover a range of defense microelectronics challenges, including radiation-hardened microelectronics, system-on-chip design, and spin-logic computing, and emphasize the connection to current and future government needs and capabilities in these topic areas.

Nathan Conrad, a Purdue PhD student, will discuss his thesis research on measuring microelectronics aging via existing and new integrated circuits. His work has applications in NSWC Crane’s work on counterfeits and reliability in extreme environments.

Bermel’s research focuses on applying the principles of nanophotonics and nanoelectronics to develop secure and reliable microelectronic systems and applications. He is director of SCALE (Scalable Asymmetric Lifecycle Engagement), a public-private-academic model for workforce development, which is supported by the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense Trusted and Assured Microelectronics Program and managed by NSWC Crane.

Tech Tuesday will be a hybrid event, allowing attendance via teleconference or in person. There will be refreshments and post-event networking for those attending in person. Those attending virtually will be sent a link to join in a confirmation email upon registration.

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IN3’s offices are on the second floor of the WestGate@Crane Technology Park, located at 13598 East WestGate Drive in Odon, Indiana.