Cyber-Physical Systems (CyPhy) Lab

Whether you are from industry, the government or academia, the tools and opportunity to collaborate at the Cyber-Physical Systems Lab (CyPhy Lab) can transform your ideas into capabilities.

Lab Area

At nearly 2,000 square feet, the CyPhy Lab is divided into an electronics test and integration bay, sensor integration bay, additive manufacturing and machine shop area, and modeling and simulation workspace. There also is a large conference area ideal for collaborations.

Cyber Physical Systems Lab

Featured Equipment

Our equipment includes spectrum analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, a sophisticated 3-D printers and 2 custom-designed unmanned aircraft. The lab is also connected to I-Light, Indiana’s high-speed fiber optic research and education network that connects to state, national and international research and education communities. I-Light makes it possible to exchange large data files and access supercomputers and scientific data storage facilities as you work on your project.


The CyPhy Lab offers the unique opportunity to work with peers and staff from ARI, NSWC Crane, the Midwest Tech Bridge, industry and academia to network and share ideas. Staff is available to assist in executing projects and are expert in finding partners for collaborations.


Equipment in the new lab was made possible through a grant from the Office of Naval Research, and through additional support from NSWC Crane, NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge, Taulman 3D and continuing support from ARI.


The lab is located near NSWC Crane in the WestGate@Crane Technology Park, 13598 East WestGate Drive, Odon, IN 47562.

More Information

Download the CyPhy Lab information sheet.

If you have questions or want to learn how to use the CyPhy Lab for your project, email